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We provide support with our accounting, finance, legal & tax services based on our
clients’ needs and requirements to ensure clients’ satisfaction.

Accounting Management

Accounting management is a key element of the management process; where it involves the identification, generation, presentation, interpretation and the use of relevant information to help managers run their organizations. As such it involves the application of accounting and financial management to create, protect and increase value for the stakeholders of the organization concerned.

Statements’ team has a solid experience in accounting management, internal control, reporting, accounting systems & procedures. We offer full-range of accounting services as well as providing full support to newly established organizations.

The package includes three main services:

A. Accounting System + -

To maintain any kind of successful business, the accounting system is crucial. All businesses require an accurate accounting system to provide them with up-to-date financial information that drives all their daily decisions.
Statements’ experts are well experienced in designing successful accounting systems and procedures which collect the data, classify them, and deliver the specifications of your particular business. In the same time, it possesses an efficient network of internal controls and methods for reducing the chances of user error.

How do we work?

Review the business cycle and work requirements
Design a chart of accounts with categories
Map the accounting cycle and functions allocation
Prepare templates and reports to be shared with the management on frequent basis in order to facilitate monitoring the business activities


Chart of Accounts: A detailed chart with categories

Function Allocation Report:  Determine the required functions based on the business needs

Templates: Design templates and reports to be shared with the decision makers on regular basis


B. Internal Control + -

Internal control is a process that ensures the integrity of financial and accounting information, meets operational and profitability targets and transmit management policies throughout the organization. Our systems ensure the quality of the internal procedures and accounting reporting.

1. Segregation of Duties: Splitting responsibility for bookkeeping, deposits, reporting and auditing

2. Access Control: Controlling access to different parts of an accounting system to keep unauthorized users out of the system

3. Physical Audit: Physical counting of cash, inventory and any physical assets tracked in the accounting system

4. Documentation: Standardizing documents used for financial transactions to maintain consistency in record keeping over time

5. Trial Balance: Calculate trial balance frequently to provide regular insights and allow you to discover discrepancies as early as possible

6. Approval Authority: Adding a layer of responsibility by requiring specific managers to authorize certain types of transactions according to a clear approval matrix


Roles & Responsibilities: Clarify the duties of each position and function

Archiving System:  Apply documentation procedures by accounting period

Authority Matrix: Map the approval cycle and assigned team


C. Reporting + -

Accounting reports come in various formats and provide different information. However, they all have one thing in common: they give useful information about the business to those who are interested such as owners, executives & investors. The financial position of the business is shown in the Balance Sheet while the financial performance of the business is shown in the Income Statement (also known as the profit and loss report), and the business cash flows are shown in the Cash Flow Statement. This will become clearer as you go through each of these reports that comprise the financial statements.
Statements will help you to understand how well the business is performing and show you details about the business income, expenses, assets & all other details that you might need to know about your business.

How do we work?

Review the accounting system and procedures
Monitor fixed assets system & depreciation
Prepare financial statements and schedules
Assist with analyzing financial statements and provide advice


Statement of Financial Position: Company position at the end of a specific period

Income Statement:  Company profitability with clarification of revenues and cost items

Owners’ Equity Statement: Change in shareholder balances

Financial Management

Financial management is about planning, organizing, directing and controlling the financial activities in the organization.
We help you to accomplish the long run financial management objective which is maximizing the profits through applying general management principles to the financial resources of the business. We also maintain proper cash flow which ensures the survival of the company and that is a short run objective of financial management.

The package includes three main services:

A. Financial Planning + -

Financial planning or financial forecast is an on going process that helps you to predict the income, expenses and achievement made, based on current variables.
We provide you with a complete overview of the company’s activities during a certain period of time to be able to make sensible decisions and correction actions before it’s too late.

Our Financial Planning Process includes 4 steps:

1. Review: Review and collect information

2. Analyze: Analyze and asses financial status

3. Develop: Develop financial Planning model

4. Implement: Financial Plan implementation


Financial Plan: Detailed plan as well as P&L projection with recommendations

B. Cash Flow Management + -

Cash flow management is the process of monitoring, analyzing, and adjusting your business' cash flow. As a business owner you need to have a cash flow analysis on a regular basis and use cash flow forecasting so you can take the steps necessary to avoid cash flow problems.
Statements helps you to balance between the inflows and outflows to be able to pay liabilities for any extended length of time.


Cash Flow Budget: Budget model and regular updates

Actual VS. Planned:  Monitor inflows & outflows on monthly basis and highlight variances

C. Financial Analysis + -

At the end of a financial period, it is important to analyze the results in terms of revenues, cost and profitability to determine the organization’s position and stability.
Statements offers comprehensive financial statements analysis and budget analysis as well as advanced financial analysis reports to help the management in making correction actions and strategic decisions


Financial Statements Analysis Report: Detailed & comprehensive analysis with recommendations

Advanced Reports:  Special reports based on specific needs

Tax Services

Tax Team

We are a group of professionals dedicated to setting the standard for exceptional client service.
Adding to organized tax practice across different geographic areas & diverse business types.
Our team can help clients starting business strategies effectively through local, regional & Global insight on the latest developments in tax policy, legislation & tax implications.
Our exceptional client service represents a dedication to going above and beyond expectations in every working relationship.
We strive to develop a detailed understanding of our clients’ business and industry sector to offer insights on market developments and help our clients develop effective strategies and business models.
Our people also can identify ways to help increase value, efficiency and control in core functions of business regarding tax.
Our tax professionals draw on their diverse perspectives and skills to give you a seamless service through all the challenges of planning, financial accounting, tax compliance and maintaining effective relationships with the tax authorities.

 Our Services 

1-Tax Accounting & Transactions:

A-Transactions monitoring:

Every transaction has tax implications whether it’s restructuring, disposals, acquisition etc. Understanding & planning for these implications can reduce transaction risk & enhance the opportunity. Our transaction tax services comprise professional advisors who are ready for help in such things through their local & global tax knowledge. Our team can work with you throughout the transaction life cycle from initial due diligence through post-deal implementation.

B-Tax Return Filing :

Our tax services not only limited to transaction monitoring & review but also extend to translation of this transaction in tax return submitted to tax authority according to laws & legislations for each type of tax as below:

VAT return  (monthly)
Corporate income tax return (yearly)
Withholding tax acknowledgment (quarter)
Payroll tax  declaration (monthly , quarter & yearly)
Stamp tax declaration (monthly)
Real estate tax declaration (yearly)

C-Tax Inspection:

Our team has strong relationship with tax authorities & the experience to manage & finalize tax inspections for all types of tax in all tax sectors & different types of business activities. We can segregate our inspections services as below:
Documentation preparation & control
Samples selection & review
Reporting tax exposures & risk areas arising from inspection results
Providing solutions & recommended scenarios for inspection results

D-Transfer Pricing :

Tax group make the required study for the local market & across borders markets prices for the targeted client entity branches  & use along with our experience to know what really works and translate that to an effective operating model

E-Due Diligence:

Our people do the required research, audit, review of financial records & confirm all facts before entering into an agreement, financial transaction with other party of potential investment or product.

2-Tax planning & Compliance:

Our tax professionals draw on their diverse perspectives and skills to give you a seamless service through all the challenges of planning, financial accounting, tax compliance and maintaining effective relationships with the tax authorities.
Benefits of Tax Planning
Get a clear & full picture for company tax structure by analyzing the financial situation from tax prospective.
Following up all tax laws & legislations updates & Maximize the benefits & reduce liabilities arising from misunderstanding & wrong application of tax laws.
Risk management through tax exposure reporting & tax situation updates.
Tax planning cover all company types’ startups, running businesses also in all company transactions :

Merge, Acquisitions SplitFinancing Refinancing

3-Tax Consulting Services

 Our tax professionals can provide tax laws update services with the best way of practice to avoid the controversy & misunderstanding during tax application process & also provide consulting services based on each case received, & we use all types of communication to facilitate & deliver our service in the fastest way (Via phone or E-mail).

Legal Advisory

Legal Services

1-Establishment of entities (local & offshore).
2-Post establishment.
3-Mergers and acquisitions.
4-Drafting and Reviewing Contracts.
5-Intellectual property.
6-Employment and social insurance.
7-Due diligence
8-Litigation & Arbitration.
9-Legal Studies & Researches

1-Establishment of entities (local & offshore):

 Our professional legal team will assist you to establish the convenient form of company that shall serve the targeted objectives in the best manner in Egypt and Offshore. Companies established in Egypt:-
1- Capital Companies:
- Limited Liability Companies (LLC).
- Joint Stock Companies (JSC).
2-Partnership companies:
-Partnerships Limited by Shares Companies (LSC).
-Partnership Companies.
3-Branches and Representative Offices.
4-Establishing the Non-governmental organizations.

2-Post establishment.

 Our post establishment service includes conducting any required legal procedures i.e. licenses at all  concerned entities, including;

- Obtaining all required licensing and permits from the concerned Ministries and Authorities.
- Factories Registration
- Registration at the Export Register.
- Registration at the Import Register.
- Liquidation of Companies
- Closure of branches and / or representative offices

 Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) :

- LPO is the tool to provide your institution with the services needed in a certain legal aspect without the need to hire a full legal department, our legal team will conduct such a role instead.

- LPO service shall be provided for the foreign institutions as well remotely, our legal team will provide your institution with the required service deemed necessary to be conducted in Egypt.

3-Mergers and acquisitions.

- Mergers and acquisitions are one of our main services, our team will provide a step by step legal advice on each procedure.
- Starting from the early negotiations and the due diligence process, drafting of the transaction documents, to closing the deal.

4-Drafting and Reviewing 

- Contracts are the essences of business; the success of any business starts from how well the contracts are drafted. - It is extremely important to seek a professional help our legal team will provide you with all the technical and legal advices needed in negotiating and drafting all your contractual relations on both international and domestic scale.

5-Intellectual property

Our legal team will assist you in protecting all your intellects by providing all the services related to the IP registration process , starting from submitting the registration request and appealing at the concerned committee in case of any refusal , & representing our client in the courts of law when deemed necessary to protect their IP rights.

 Service provided shall include:
- Intellectual Property Audit and Due Diligence
- Industrial Designs Registration
- Trademark Registration
- Patent Registration

6-Employment and social insurance

Our professional legal team will assist you in each step starting with due diligence as a precautionary procedure, in addition to subsequent actions at courts of law, including:
- Drafting Employment Contracts
- Social Insurance
- Conducting Internal Investigations
- Amicable settlement of employment disputes
- Labour Lawsuits

7-Due diligence 

- This term refers to the careful professional scrutiny of the assets and liabilities of a company, usually in preparation for an acquisition.
- There are serval things that must be done during the Due Diligence such as property, equipment, intellectual property, copy rights and patents scrutinizing.
- It is also done to for the mere review of your own business situation to know your business impact and where you stand.
- Due diligence is routinely done by lawyers, our legal team can assist you in reviewing the content and adequacy of
Warranties and indemnities provided in your contractual relations.

8-Litigation & Arbitration:

Our legal team will represent you in the Egyptian courts of law, the services that will provided shall be based on a detailed  plan and a tailored strategy in order to achieve our client’s best interest.

 Services provided shall include:
Civil lawsuits
Corporate lawsuits
Labour Lawsuits
Negotiations and Amicable Dispute Resolution

9-Legal Studies & Researches:

Our legal team will provide you with a detailed legal study in various matters ensuring that it fulfilling your needs to initiate or to keep up with your targeted sector.