Our consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues on different stages of their business life cycle across all industries in order to provide proper and professional advise.

Short-term Assignments

Assessment & Restructuring

Since most of us work with a spirit of curiosity, we give our clients the opportunity to ask questions about the legal and financial aspects of their firms. We believe that digging deep to the roots of the problems and finding permanent solutions is better than just treating symptoms.

We offer comprehensive assessment which mostly covers the finance departments in the different organizations to help us determine points of weaknesses and the areas that needs development.

  • Assessment
    • Analyze Needs
    • Identify Gaps
    • Develop Structure
  • Implementation
    • Development Programs
    • Recruit Qualified Calibers
    • Reporting System Review


General Assessment: Finance department assessment

Department Structure: Finance department structure clarifying manpower allocation

Recruitment: Search, filter and interview candidates

Review of Reporting System: Review financial reports and reporting cycle and recommend modifications

Legal & Tax Consulting


Statements offers legal consultation and representation for corporate clients for business in different industries.
Our team with their deep knowledge and experience offers our clients an effective & reliable legal advice at an affordable price.


Statements deliverables can be summarized in providing consulting services regarding the establishment rules and procedures for any type of entity and the legal structure that best satisfy the customer’s needs.



Our team helps you understand the consequences of the tax types applied to your company while also dealing with commercial and personal considerations. Moreover, time spent choosing the right structure is a wise investment for the years ahead.
Our advisors take time to understand the business needs & will help you make the best decision from the outset.


1. Tax consulting
2. Tax structure

Start-up Business Services

Our experts provide the optimal accounting & bookkeeping solutions along with affordable advisory services to help early-stage enterprises with assistance in:
   Legal & Tax

Whether you need the help of tax accountants, payroll services or accounting consulting services, Statements’ experts are there for you.

Start-up Business Package

  • Consulting
    • Assessment
    • Planning
  • Legal & Tax
    • Establishment
    • Tax Planning